It’s time for hope to be restored

Your Sacred Story

Every person was created to make their own unique  impact on earth and it is a joy to partner with you as you discover a holistic, authentic expression of your true self. I’m here to help integrate your personal story with God’s eternal story. I believe that experiencing empathy leads to healing, and healing leads to development. I believe that true intimacy with God leads to action! And I believe it is imperative that this inner-work be done in partnership with other trusted individuals. Your story is important, and being invited to step into your story is sacred.

I hold an MA in Theology from Fuller Seminary and received a certification for Spiritual Direction from Soul Shepherding Institute. I have over 10 years experience in full-time church ministry including chaplaincy, pastoral care, pastoral counseling, teaching, worship leading, writing, and speaking. Because of my time as a foster parent and working with single mothers attempting to exit homelessness, I’ve been trained in a trauma-informed approach and have a CEU certificate in group and family dynamics. I travel often and love to read, dance, camp, host game nights, hike with my dog, and be near water.

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What I offer

We could meet one-on-one for spiritual direction or enneagram coaching. Or perhaps you have a group interested in growing together. Let’s discuss the best fit for you.

Spiritual Direction

Enneagram Discovery

Soul Care Workshops

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"Beth Snyder listens deeply. She's an expert "tracker," digesting a lifetime of information and anecdotes, then suggesting surprising and effective practical steps forward.

She does all of this with tact, humility, grace, intelligence, and loads of healthy personal investment. I always leave a session with Beth feeling understood, hopeful, and equipped." -Sacred Story client, 2019

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction refers to the practice of holding space for another and being authentically present as they journey to a deeper understanding of God and themselves.

Just as we try to take care of our physical bodies with regular exercise, healthy eating, and medical check-ups, we should even more so be taking care of our spiritual health.

For seasons that seem filled with questions, conflict, confusion, grief, or simply a desire to discover more about who God is and who you are, spiritual direction offers an intentional and safe place to explore your experiences.

Is Spiritual Direction for me?

Reflect on the following questions and see if Spiritual Direction could be a good fit for you:

  • Have you routinely elevated your work above the care of your spiritual health?
  • Do you want someone to come alongside you as a guide while you seek more of Jesus?
  • Are you at any type of ‘crossroads’ in your life?
  • Would you like practices and tools to help you move forward?
  • Has your heart become cynical and/or critical?
  • Are you in vocational ministry and feeling the need to pretend since your “output” seems to be greater than your “input”?

In our fast-paced, production-focused, day-to-day lives, the majority of us are not carving out the time that is needed to truly be shepherded by the Good Shepherd. Busyness is the modern status symbol and God can be the first casualty. Let’s change this together!

Discover your true self.

It’s time for hope to be restored.

Let's get started

I look forward to walking with you as your story unfolds. Call or email to discuss what area of spiritual direction could be a good fit for you.

"Imagine yourself as a living house...You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but God is building a palace." -C.S. Lewis